Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FFG's Fireborn Freebies

Another Fantasy Flight Game post, this time in regards to a non-d20 RPG, Fireborn.

This was a weird RPG where you play two characters at the same time in different ages: a dragon in a mythic age and that dragon's human reincarnation in modern London. Yeah. weird. I wonder why it didn't take off.

I've delved the FFG site at the Internet Wayback Machine to bring you a whole bunch of files related to this game. The setting is rather interesting, but the adventures are probably more adaptable. You can probably run a one-shot game using just the GM Preview and the GM Screen reference sheets and do just fine.

You can download the files listed below from my Dropbox.

  • Character Sheets: both editable and non-editable for the 3 character types.
  • GM Screen: Three art files and a reference sheet file--all you really need to run the game are the ref sheets and the GM Preview.
  • FB Lost Lore Errata.pdf - lots of Q&As
  • FB Slang.pdf - nice little guide to British slang
  • Fire Within Preview.pdf - intro adventure preview, mostly setting
  • Fireborn GM Preview (low res).pdf - 37 pages of setting & rules goodness!
  • Players Handbook Preview.pdf - just a smidgen of setting info
  • Secrets of Fire 02 - ET-On the Eve of Exodus.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 02 - ET-The Fall of Empires.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 03 - Slake.pdf - creature/NPC
  • Secrets of Fire 03 - The Tower of Babble.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 05 - NE-Tethys 1.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 06 - NE-Tethys 2.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 07 - NR-Brood Bidding.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 08 - NR-Lost Legacies.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 09 - Lock, Stock, & Three Smoking Souls.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 11 - Betrayer.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 13 - Beyond AR5 1.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 14 - Beyond AR5 2.pdf - new rules